This character is also similar with passionate and enthusiastic. Our beauty camp are adaptable to any needs and to anyone that is willing to achieve their full potential & knowladge for success by turning it into progress onshowing or involving great activity. Our beauty camp is not a course that use to deliver it to you one way. Our beauty camp is fun, is implementable, and interactive. We will deliver this to you with joyful.


This character also similar with healthy started from inside, pure, honest, sincere, stay positive, natural, polite, humble and wellmannered or attitude. Having a great attitude without being professional aren’t good enough, moreover being professional without realizing the importance of attitude. Our beauty camp is not only concern on the beauty from the outside, but also from the inside.
We are Indonesia’s first beauty camp and related to our taggline “The younique you”, we are not making the socond Artika Sari Devi, Whulandary Herman or any other great role model. We are helping you to find your own full potential that will make you a complete package for your future. That’s why we have the value of authentic, on our students and of course our beauty camp.


This character also similar with fearless, durable, risk taker, strong, challenger, brave, confident, firm, and bold. In addition, this bold character triggers anyone who came out from our beauty camp to be resilient or bounces back quickly when they are in the middle of a storm. This character is absolutely need to be implemented on every single person that is willing to fight on international level. Yet still never forget their natural beauty on applying it.


Every woman in this world had their own version of unique. It takes bravery to believe and also confident in it.This character tries to create a set of perception, and break the stigma about the meaning of beautiful. It is not coming from the physical appearance, but it came from a sincere heart intention, persistent struggle, strong faith, self esteem and visionary.


Both of our chief’s long journey experience made them confident and in love with Indonesia, of course proud to be an Indonesian. Thus, their vision strengthen them to do more, to share more, to bring Indonesia to the universe and invite or empower more Indonesian people to do the same or even more to make Indonesia proud.


Indonesia is a very diverse country. Based on the study of satellite imagery of National Institute of Aeronautics and Space on 2015 Indonesia have about 6,000 inhabited islands.There are more than 300 ethnic groups or tribes in Indonesia, 6 religion, and also 748 traditional languages to understand. That makes Indonesia have a lot of potential great people to produce. Our beauty camp is very welcome to that. Both of our chief’s long journey of experience in Indonesia and international level made their mind open with any diversity. They both puts high respect to diversity because it is what makes us unique. This character leads us to make a global mindset understanding on our students and beauty camp, so we could make a positive energy, peaceful and united on living diversity.